Gefüllte Klöse or Stuffed Dumplings

In 1985, we packed up the family (my husband, myself and our two boys), quit my job, sold our house and moved to Germany for a two year adventure. Nine years later, we returned to the United States and settled down in Maine.  We returned with long lasting friendships, broader cultural understandings and many delicious recipes.

German Recipe

from Hunsrücker Kochbuch

Our home was in the Hunsrück area where many specialties are served with pride.  Cooking is a collaborative effort among friends and family. Gefüllte Klöse are a prime example. This meal sized potato dumpling is not for those with dieting in mind.  Putting them on the table can be an all day event with many stories about fests of the past.  I was priveleged to be part of many dumpling parties.

Gefüllte Klöse

for 4 –
1 1/2 kg potatoes

Stuffed Dumplings

finished dumpling

1 Package Potato flour (1/2 raw and 1/2 cooked) Can be found in many import groceries (Maggi)
Knödelpulver in German
2 large onions
salt, pepper, paprika, nutmeg
1/2 kg ground beef
1 egg

The raw, washed and peeled potatoes grate with one onion
Mix with the potato flour package until a firm dough forms
Let stand 10 minutes before forming dumplings

Mix the ground beef, the second onion, egg, salt, pepper and paprika and brown.
Stuff small amounts into the dumplings and reshape into softball sized balls.
Drop carefully into boiling saltwater and cook about 30 minutes.

When finished, you can cover with browned bread crumbs.
Great served wtih applesauce.
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